Exclusive Offer For Texas Oilfield Carriers

5 Star Freight Factoring is proud to announce a limited-time offer for Texas-based carriers that support oilfield operations.

Bank Owned Factoring Program Seeks Texas Oilfield Carriers

5 Star Freight Factoring serves thousands of carriers across the US with our bank-owned factoring programs.  The bank is interested in expanding their portfolio of Texas-based oilfield carriers and is prepared to offer their most attractive deals for a limited time.  These programs have helped hundreds of carriers improve their cash flow while streamlining operations.

We believe in the importance of the trucking industry and the trucking families that operate them as the backbone and engine of the American economy.  We strive to create programs of value for trucking companies that they are eager to pass along their friends in the business.  Referrals are our most significant source of new clients and we base our success on the value that we create for the trucking companies and the number of those willing to introduce us to their friends and colleagues in the business.

In order to help more oilfield carriers our bank has authorized us to offer deep discounts to carriers in the Texas market and will also offer referral incentives to each carrier that refers a colleague to us.

Limited Time Offer

While the value of these discounts is impressive based on our experience we expect the bank will discontinue this special program as business ramps up in Texas.  We encourage interested carriers to call us immediately for no-obligation information while this program is still available.

Our process is simple and starts with a no-obligation phone call to learn more about your company and your specific needs.  We will listen to what you want in a factoring program and will build a program tailored to your requirements.  If you are interested we will provide you with a written proposal that you review on your own time and compare with proposals from other companies if you wish.  We strive to keep our process simple and transparent, we build long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

We operate exclusively in the trucking industry and operate on win-win principles to create lasting value for our partners.  We are different and once you get to know us we think you will see and experience that for yourself.

Call Now For Immediate Consideration

To support our Texas oilfield carriers our lead sales consultant, Todd DiPilla, is based in Dallas and has particular expertise in the Texas oilfield market.  Todd is available and prepared to answer your questions and prepare your custom-tailored proposal.  Todd can be reached at his direct number below and is prepared to assist you any way he can.