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Grow your freight
brokerage without
cash flow headaches

5 Star freight broker factoring programs help brokers of any size better manage the cash flow that ties directly to their revenue.

Our FactorMatch programs are straightforward and direct and provide freight brokerages access to cash that allows you to build your business as you want without being limited by shipper payment cycles.

Factoring solutions will help to build credit for newly established brokerages and to strengthen the credit of those already established.

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Never wonder when you will get paid again.

for Brokers

The same FactorMatch technology that allows us to find the factoring programs that are best suited for a given carrier also works for brokers.

Talk with us and tell us what you are trying to do in your brokerage, what you want to offer your carriers and we will develop a program that is best suited for your specific needs.

Attract more carriers

and grow your brokerage faster

Freight broker factoring solutions allow your carriers to be paid as soon as they drop their load.

Offering factoring solutions positions you at the head of the pack of freight brokers and helps you to attract the best carriers. You may also be in a position to negotiate discounts from carriers based on the speed of your payments.

Cash Flow Optimized

Factoring solutions let you level out cash flow and allow you to plan better for business growth and expansion.

There is no debt involved in factoring and qualifying for a broker factoring program is independent of your personal credit or payment history.

Growth in a freight brokerage is all about managing cash flow and factoring programs are a smart way to improve cash flow to fund growth.

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Never wonder when you will get paid again.