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Why We Built 5 Star Freight Factoring

an industry
ripe for change

Our founders had been working in the factoring industry for many years and had seen the best and worst sides of this industry.

We saw many trucking companies being helped, but we also saw many companies being taken advantage of.

The backbone of America is small businesses and we saw too many small business trucking companies entering into factoring deals without understanding what was in the deal.  We set out to change that.

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Never wonder when you will get paid again.


Our founders set out to under-promise and over-deliver to each of our clients, most companies do just the opposite

What this means is that we will tell you everything that is going on in the deal so that all of your surprises are positive ones.


straight talk and honest answers

Our approach to business is one of openness, honesty and integrity.

Our success is based on loyal customers that will say good things about us and refer new clients to us and we have to earn that honor.

Trucking Business Optimized

Factoring solutions are designed to optimize cash flow.

Strong businesses need partners that they can rely on and we strive to help optimize business by optimizing cash flow.

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Never wonder when you will get paid again.