Take Control of Your Cash Flow.

And Take Control of Your Life.

Take Control of Your Cash Flow.

And Take Control of Your Life.

5 Star Freight Factoring and FactorMatch

5 Star is a Factoring Advisor to trucking companies and offers a unique process for sourcing the best factoring programs according to what you view as important.

FactorMatch is our unique process for matching what you want and need in a factoring program with what the different factoring companies are offering.

FactorMatch places the power with the trucking company and will have multiple factoring companies competing against each other for your business.  That’s the power of FactorMatch.

You get the best rates and terms because you get to take advantage of volume pricing.  Don’t go it alone, let FactorMatch find the best deal for you.


FactorMatch is our proprietary process for evaluating how you rank the most important aspects of a factoring program.  We get input from you across 8 different components and then analyze what you want against a database of available factoring programs.  The result is that in a matter of seconds we can help you identify the best deals in the market.

Each of the facts below play an important part in your overall program.  If a program feature is not important to you then why should you pay for it?  By evaluating each of the facts below based on importance to you we can target those programs that best fit your specific situation.  

Factoring Rate

The fee that you pay for factoring, typically expressed as a % of the amount factored.

Recourse / Non-Recourse

Whether you absorb the credit risk or the factoring company absorbs the credit risk

Advance Rate

How much money is provided up-front before the invoice is paid, typically expressed as a % of the amount factored.

Paperless Processing

The ability to operate off of electronic copies of invoices vs. paper originals

Fuel Advance

The ability to get an advance on expected fuel costs before you haul the load

Monthly Minimum

Is there a minimum $ amount of invoices that need to be factored monthly

Contract Term

How long you are obligated to factor your invoices

Fuel Card Discount

The ability to get a reduced price at the pump for fuel

Client Testimonials

5 Star Freight Factoring is hands down the best factoring company I’ve EVER worked with. Over the last 15 years, we’ve used over 4 different factoring companies and 5 Star is on top. They have amazing customer service, easy to use website and timely funding. I used to have to spend countless hours with past factoring companies to get my invoices funded and find out what reserves were available, etc. Not with 5 Star. I rarely ever have to call them and things run seamlessly. I can easily tell anyone looking for a factoring company to look no further than 5 Star Freight Factoring. They are far superior to all others without a doubt.

a California Carrier

We are a small Freight Broker and have utilized the factoring services of 5 Star Freight Factoring to pay our entire carrier base, since we brokered our very first load back in June of 2010. We have always found 5 Star to be prompt with their payments to our carrier base, knowledgeable about the transportation industry, polite and courteous with our staff and willing to go the “extra mile” to take care of questions and concerns. We would highly recommend the factoring services of 5 Star Freight Factoring for any transportation entity, both asset-based and non-asset based, where “cash flow” is critical to your operation, when it comes to getting receivables and carrier payments made in a timely manner, and with very minimal effort on your part.

an Ohio Freight Broker

We started working with 5 Star Freight Factoring about six months ago, and have nothing but the best to say about them. The service is great, everybody is polite, helpful, and as nice as can be. If you ask a question it is answered for you. I would and already have recommended 5 Star to my friends. Check them out!

a Missouri Carrier

Our company has been doing business with 5 Star since September 2011. They have a very efficient and caring staff that sees to it that our needs as a carrier are taken care of. Their knowledge of the transportation business is very helpful to assist motor carriers. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great factoring company.

a North Carolina carrier