Get Started Factoring

Get Started Factoring
Managing cash flow is important and if your factoring process is cumbersome then it just won’t work.  We have refined our process to make it quick and easy for you to get us what we need, and only what we need, in order to put money back in your bank as fast as possible.  That is our goal, and this is our process.

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Complete Your Application

Getting started begins with a call to 1-888-785-4491 to talk to one of our knowledgeable account reps.  They will review the factoring process with you and answer any questions you have.  They will also ask you a few questions to customize a  solution that provides you with the best possible program for your needs.  Once we have the right information we will send you a proposal, typically within two hours.  Review the proposal, complete the application and return it to us.

Submit Your Freight Bills

Fax, email or overnight invoices, rate sheets, BOL’s, we will process your invoices and fund you the same day.  We will work off of faxed copies, you only need to send us originals once a week.  Stop wasting money scrambling to overnight invoices, we work off of copies for factoring invoices!

Access Your Cash

ACH deposits will hit your bank account the following day, wire transfers can be completed same day.  All or a portion of your deposit can go to your fuel card.  We can also provide you with a T-Chek or Comchek.

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