Freight Factoring Rates

Been lured in by “Rates as low as…” and then told you don’t qualify?

We see that game all the time.  The freight factoring rates we publish below are the rates we charge based on the number of trucks you are running.  And those quoted rates stay flat for 90 days, they will not step up at 30 days or 60 days. We believe in transparency and want you to know everything there is to know about our products and services.  Why?  Because when all the facts are on the table our programs come out on top more often than not.  Not always,  but darn near. We have learned that putting all the cards on the table and letting you decide what works best for you also happens to work best for us.  So there you have it, we give you our best deal up front and work hard to keep your business every single day.

We build our programs around the volume that you factor each month and before we quote you a rate we will want to understand the volume of business you will drive.  The more business, the lower the rate.  So we don’t tell you a misleading rate up front.

What we can tell you is that our rates are some of the best you will find, period.

Quoting a great advance and low rate is nice, actually putting cash in your account when it is supposed to be there is much better.  If your factor makes it a hassle to submit invoices ‘correctly’, if you are tired of squabbling over original documentation or if you simply want to eliminate or avoid the aggravation of your current factor then give us a call at 855-859-0769.  When you call you will speak to a knowledgeable sales agent that knows trucking and freight, not a phone operator.  We want to talk with you about your business, how you like to operate and show you how our programs fit within your work plan. These are our flat rates, fixed for 90 days.  There is a lot more to our programs than just the rate but we also understand that factoring rates directly impact your cash flow so we serve you dessert first, when you call we will fill you in on all of the other perks of the program.  Get the facts and then compare.

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