Forewarned is Forearmed.  An ancient proverb that tells us that knowing in advance what will happen is an advantage.  Knowing what will happen and knowing what you will do about it are two different things.

Road Closed Ahead, Long Delays Expected.  You know to expect road closures, lane closures, long delays.  Those go with the territory. Planning around those can make all the difference.

The same is true in your business.  You have the business equivalents of road closures, lane closures and bridge out ahead coming your way.  The better you can see these coming at you the more you can, and should, be preparing a plan for how to meet those.

The logistics business is built on speed and nothing kills speed like a 7 mile backup.  Some guys just idle up, get in line and accept it. Some guys are always thinking a few hundred miles ahead and planning for what might come their way.

You can’t see everything and sometimes that rolling roadblock happens right there in front of you.  Other times you look back with a “woulda-shoulda-coulda” view on what you wish you had done.

Too many guys face financial uncertainty this way, they operate on too thin a razor and when the roadblock rolls their way they have no options, the only thing they can do it ride it out.

The road closure is real and it heading your way.  You need to get ready for it.  It is not impossible but you need to take the first step. Thinking through what to do is a lot easier when the pressure is off.

Is your company ready for a revenue detour?  Can you swing that?  Are you ready?  We can help.