Fast Funding

Fast Funding

Speed is the name of the game.

Trucking is built on cash flow and 5 Star factoring programs are designed to provide you fast access to cash.

We can typically set up new accounts within 24 hours and that pace is generally determined by you and how fast you can get us the information needed to set your account up.

We accept and pay on invoices submitted electronically.  No need push paper into an envelope and wait for the postal services to work for you.  Email or fax a copy of your invoice in and keep your originals.  Our cutoff is 2PM CST and anything received prior to that can be electronically deposited the next day.

Deposits via ACH are Free!  We can also wire funds into your account, deposit to a T-Chek, Fuel card, we can even mail you an old fashioned paper check if you like.

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