Factoring Programs

Our Programs

Unlike most factoring companies that have a single program to offer you, perhaps with a variable rate depending on volume, 5 Star has access to deals at a number of different factoring companies.  We will listen to what you want in a factoring program and then present you with the options that best align to what you want.

We also get access to limited time offers from financial institutions that are looking to round out their portfolio and from time to time offer special incentives in specific industries or cargo types.

Click this link to learn about factoring rates including some things to watch out for as you are comparing rates.  Different programs have different rate structures and we can help you create a package that best suits your needs.  If rate is your primary motivation we can get you into a program that will strip out some of the other amenities in order to get you the lowest rate possible.  Others may want some of the other features and be willing to give a little on the rate.  Bottom line is at 5 Star you are in control and can help create your own program.

The Broker Difference

5 Star is a factoring broker which means that we help trucking companies navigate the minefield of factoring companies to best match carrier needs against what the different factoring companies have to offer.  Much like a freight broker will connect shippers and carriers a factoring broker will connect factoring companies and carriers.  The benefit of this for carriers is that we save you a lot of time price shopping and comparing.

We get to choose who we want to represent and we only represent the programs that we find are the best for each situation.

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