About 5 Star Freight Factoring

Our Belief

5 Star Freight Factoring was born of the belief that the factoring industry needs to change.  We have a core belief that factoring should be simple, straightforward and honest.  Not seeing that in the marketplace we built 5 Star Freight Factoring with the belief that we will change the factoring industry, one client at a time.

We built our company from the ground up on principles of transparency, honest and integrity.  We value long-term partnerships over long-term contracts and work hard to earn your business every single day.

The fact that our programs are also some of the best factoring programs you can find in the marketplace is a bonus.

Freight Factoring – An Industry Ready For Change

The trucking and transportation business is a cash intensive business and factoring provides a means of providing the necessary cash flow to keep businesses growing.  The factoring industry has been invaded by too many bottom-feeders eager to mislead, intimidate and do most anything to get you to sign a contract.

Our goal is to change the factoring industry, one agreement at a timeWe hear from frustrated companies every day of the hassles and ‘misunderstandings’ they are having with their current factor.  Some times this results in annoying jumping through hoops but too often we hear of trucks being idled until promised funds can be deposited.  This is unacceptable.

For some reason the relationships between too many factoring companies and their clients has degraded into something adversarial.  Whatever happened to long-lasting partnerships?

A Foundation Of Trust

When we say that we intend to change the freight factoring industry that is not just wishful thinking, that is our business plan.  We built our company with the belief that we are a means to your success and the more we can help you be successful the more success will return to us.  This is counter-intuitive to companies with short time horizons that will sacrifice tomorrows business for today’s profits but it is core to how we think about you and our relationship.

You will experience the 5 Star difference at every step of the process; when you talk to one of our account executives, when you view our proposal, when you submit for funding, and anytime you simply have a question.

Our business model is simple; no double-speak, no hidden fees, no gotcha’s, no playing games with your money…  you get the point.  We do business this way because it is how we like to do business.  Read what our customers think about us.

Outstanding Programs

We could probably be successful by simply treating our clients right while having only mediocre programs.  The fact that we offer some of the best factoring deals and have tremendous flexibility in customizing a program to your unique needs pushes us way beyond our competition.

A lot of our competitors will describe an ‘ideal scenario’ program that they know you will not fit into as an enticement to get you in.  We believe that every one of our clients deserves our best deal and by putting that out there up front we are building a long-term relationship that works for you now and tomorrow.

A Smarter Way To Factor

So what do you get when you build a company from the ground up that challenges the old-boy network and puts you  first?  What happens when you take some of the best programs and terms available and package them with account servicing that will astonish you?  You build 5 Star Freight Factoring.

Call us at 855-859-0769 and see for yourself or enter your contact information above on the right and we will connect you with someone that knows what they are talking about.  We value your time and all we ask is that you listen to what we have to offer before you sign with anyone.  Soon you will understand why 5 Star is a smarter way to factor.

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