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FactorMatch is our proprietary process for matching what you want from a factoring program with what many different factoring companies are offering.

Our process will help you sort through the mine field of factoring programs to find the one that is best suited for you.

Since we are not a factoring company ourselves we are not pushing you to our product, we have relationships with many of the factoring companies and can help you find the best deal for your specific situation.

Low Rates

Low Rates

We will get you the lowest possible rate for your situation.


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Free ACH deposits

Fuel Cards

Save money every time you fill up with a fuel card.


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Fuel Cards and Fuel Davances

Fuel Advances

Get money for fuel in advance of your load.


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Fast Funding

Fast Funding

Most of our clients are funded within 24 hours.


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Trucking Factoring

Ready To Grow Your Trucking Company?

If you run freight then you understand the problem of cash flow.  5 Star Freight Factoring eliminates the worry and hassle of getting paid for your last load while running your next load.  If you know you could grow your trucking company if you could only get faster payment on your invoices factoring may be the answer for you.

If cash today means something to you then we would like to talk with you about your cash flow and how we can help level out those ups and down and help your trucking company grow.

Why 5 Star Freight Factoring?

With so many trucking factoring companies out there, why partner with us?  5 Star acts as an independent advisor to the trucking industry when it comes to choosing a factoring company. We represent several factoring companies and look for the best fit for each trucking company based on their type of freight, total volume and service needs. We know who has the best service, best rates and best all-around programs.

We believe that we are the best factoring company option if you value partnership over promises.  Our ability to match your needs with available options is unparalleled and helps you to keep more of your money in your pocket, plain and simple.  Can you say that about any other trucking factoring company you have worked with?  We understand that many of you may have worked with other factoring companies and had a less than optimal experience.  We built 5 Star Freight Factoring to specifically address these concerns, navigate the landscape of factoring providers and work on your behalf to find you the best deals.

Apply Today, Fund Tomorrow

We offer very fast turnaround and in most cases we can fund your invoices within 24 hours of receiving your application.

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Call 855-859-0769 now and speak to a knowledgeable account rep that understands trucking and cash flow.



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