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Fast Funding

Fast Funding

We can factor your first invoice within 24 hours.

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Low Rates

Low Rates

Our rates are some of the lowest you will find.  Call us and compare.

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Fuel Cards and Fuel Davances

Fuel Advances

Fuel advances provide you cash now to haul your next load.

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Free ACH deposits

Fuel Cards

Savings at the pump and a better way to manage fuel expenses.

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Trucking Factoring

Trucks Make Money Only When Moving

If you run freight then you understand the problem of cash flow.  5 Star Freight Factoring eliminates the problem of fueling for the next load while waiting to get paid for the last load.  If you have the luxury of not needing to worry about when those freight bills get paid, great.  You probably don’t need a factoring solution.

If cash today means something to you then we would like to talk with you about your cash flow and how we can help level out those ups and down to help your business grow.

Why 5 Star Freight Factoring?

With so many trucking factoring companies you can work with, why partner with 5 Star?  We believe that we are the best factoring company option if you value partnership over promises.  Our programs keep more of your money in your pocket, plain and simple, but beyond that we work tirelessly to make your experience a good one. Can you say that about any other truck factoring company you have worked with?

1-2 Trucks

  • 95% Cash To You On Delivery
  • 2% To You When Invoice Pays
  • 3% Factoring Fee

3-5 Trucks

  • 95% Cash To You On Delivery
  • 2.5% To You When Invoice Pays
  • 2.5% Factoring Fee

6-10 Trucks

  • 95% Cash To You On Delivery
  • 2.75% To You When Invoice Pays
  • 2.25% Factoring Fee

11-15 Trucks

  • 95% Cash To You On Delivery
  • 3% To You When Invoice Pays
  • 2% Factoring Fee Or Better

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